5 Ways to Use Face Roller

We know various types of skincare routines like cleansing, face mask, face scrub, hydrating, toning, face sheet masks, etc. But we never consider face roller as a skin care product. maybe we are not very much aware of it we just see some people using them and we don’t get concerned it is also considered a skincare product. but this technique is not the new one. it was used in China a thousand years ago people use this cooling stone. they are made up of stones jade or quartz rose. In this blog, we are going to know what a is facen roller how to use it, and many other things which have been hidden.

What is face rolling?

It is a tool that typically roller at each end you need to massage or all the skin away from your face. It doesn’t need to be only made up of jade or quartz. it can be made up of materials like stainless steel or amethyst.  if you don’t have enough time to boost up your appearance you can use a every day for about  5 minutes but the results are not long-lasting. it doesn’t mean that it is not using full. most people see the results after a few hours of the treatment. it is a temporary improvement in the overall texture and color of the skin.

Steps to use a face roller 

Step 1: Wash your face

It is such a basic step that we almost do every day as we know that. any product works best on the face only if our skin is freshly clean. the same thing applies to face rollers. you have to wash your face clearly to get the best result.

Step 2: Keep it in the fridge

If you want the cooling effect from roller. Then keep it in the freeze. As we know, the face roller is only the product of skin care which can be stored in a freeze. keep the stone in freeze and cool it. suppose you to cool your skin.

 Step 3:  Roll down and out

The direction of the face roller matters while massaging. role out toward the massager from the center of your face around the eye area cheeks to decrease puffiness. You should know in which direction you should roll down and out while using it .

Step 4: Keep the track of time

 The doctor recommends that if you are using a face roller then it is necessary to keep the time record. Using a face roller for a longer period won’t give you a different result. the mechanism of the phase roller remains the same matter of how long period you are using it.

Step 5:  Clean  the face roller

It is advised to clean the face roller by applying alcohol after every use. because the face roller has bacteria on it because it is used in our face and even our face contents bacteria so it is advised to clean the face roller

Benefits of using face roller

There are lots of benefits of using a face roller.

1. It helps to improve blood flow and reduces the puffiness around your eyes. 

2. It helps to reduce the inflammation caused by different brands or products. 

3. It helps to cool and make skin soft. provides relaxation and reduces stress. 

4. Distribute the beauty products evenly to the skin.

Face rolling mistakes

1. Not using any product 

For every product to work on your skin perfectly, you need to apply something on your skin you just can’t take a face roller and start rubbing on your skin. most people commit the same mistake they use a face roller without applying any kind of product on their skin which hotsphere skin eventually. it is required to apply any products on your skin and then use a roller because it helps to get the product inside your skin.

2. Not applying too much pressure or applying too much pressure 

If you are not applying too much pressure while using the face roller then you are not utilizing the face roller properly. because it stimulation lymphatic drainage or skin circulation. And if you apply too much pressure then it could injure your skin vessels are cause you acne in your skin. so you should know or should take a guide on how to use a face roller before purchasing or applying it on your skin without the guidance. too much Rolling is also harmful to Less is also not reactive to the skin you must be careful while using a face roller 

3. Using a seat mask with a roller 

If we go through the influencers on Instagram we find that they are using sheet masks with a facial roller which is one of the mistakes or can be said not recommended the reason is most of the marks in the market are made up of water-based serums and when you use face roller It will get in touch with the Moisture and face roller will start getting rust in it. but if you are not using a metal-based facial roller then it is okay to your sheet mask  with roller but it is not recommended. it is considered a mistake.

In conclusion,

Face rollers have different benefits but the thing is you should know how to use them and how to operate them properly. just getting inspired and starting to use it doesn’t make sense. you may harm your skin without proper knowledge. And it has been trending for a few years though it is an old practice and people are gaining knowledge about it

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