7 Skincare routine for teenage girl

One of the most complex things is when we are in our teenage phase because that is the period When we want to look good. and we do try different kinds of products on our skin for better results and glowing skin in such a process we try different creams and products and as a result, we may get different kinds of skin problems. This blog will guide you to get a simple and effective Skin care routine for teenage girls so let’s get started. Teenage skin is also considered one of the most delicate skin and you need to pamper .

Know your skin type for teenage

Before you get started with a skincare routine it is one of the most essential things to know what kind of skin you have whether you have a combination skin sensitive skin oily skin or dry skin It will give you an idea of how you should start your skincare routine and from which product you should start your skincare routine and what type of product you should purchase for your skin care, especially for the teen girls. Knowing your skin type also helps you to understand the issue you are facing and what procedure you should do in avoid to having bad skin. 

1. Cleansing

 it is one of the most essential steps if you want your skin to look good and get glowing skin. but you should keep in mind that you don’t purchase harsh cleansers on your skin otherwise you irritate your skin and the result may not be your choice so make sure you purchase a cleanser that is chemical-free and you don’t rub many cleansers on your skin be careful.

2. Tone

Toning is one of the most essential stakes if you are a teenager and you want to take care of the skin properly and maintain the  Ph level the skin.. after two months of cleaning The pH level of your skin gets destroyed and the skin gets irritated easily so to avoid such thing it is necessary to apply toner in the skin And you can make toner at home easily And you must be conscious while purchasing the toner whether it is chemical free or not there are natural ingredient or not in the product. Make sure you tone your face twice a day to maintain the pH levels 

3. Moisturize

 one of the most essential products after toning your skin to get glowing skin you need to moisturize your skin regularly there are different kinds of moisturizers available in the market according to your skin type moisturizing your skin makes your skin look hydrated and soft and smooth as well moisturizing is also considered as providing to your skin. different kinds of moisturizer can be found at home you can take some Honey and glycerin into a homemade moisturizer that will nourish your skin if you are not interested in the homemade moisturizer you can purchase it from outside according to your skin type 


 after moisturizing and toning your skin, especially the teen it is necessary for you to apply sunscreen whether you staying at home or going out. make sure you purchase the best quality of sunscreen according to your skin type because in the market the products are easily available according to your skin.UV rays are harmful to the Skin and can cause easy signs of wrinkling and dark spots them. So no matter what your skin type is we have seen most people value sunscreen and they don’t step how without applying the sunscreen on their skin. Sunscreen is not only necessary for teen adults or any is group but it is equally important for all skin whether man ,women or teenage girl.

5.Target treatment

 if you are someone who has special skin kind of skin concerns then make sure you target and treat them in time, especially in the skin of teenagers because it is one of the most sensitive skin you can have and if it is treated in time it will be effective with the growing age. You can target skin issues like acne, blemishes  Fine Lines, or dark spots target in time to get a better result in the skin for teenage girl.

6. Weekly exfoliation

 apart from taking care of skin in different states, it is necessary to exfoliate your skin not regularly but you can exfoliate your skin weekly because over-exfoliation can cause you skin problems and you might have to visit Dermatologist as well. make sure you are not too much Harsh while exfoliating and be gentle while exfoliating the skin. Twice a week is enough to exfoliate. 

7.Hydration and healthy habits

 hydration is one of the most essential factors after following several factors in your skin care routine because if your skin is not hydrated it will appear dull and you may look tired the whole day. Apart from this, you need to make sure that you follow or hold a habit to get the result you require and be consistent with your skincare routine.

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