5 Tips and Tricks to Exfoliate your Skin

We all want Radiant and glowing skin also we look for immediate action to get glowing and Radiant skin but somewhere we leave behind don’t exfoliate our skin and the dead skin covers our skin and makes it dull. going to a parlour Can be hectic and not so budget friendly but the good news is that if we can exfoliate properly at home then we can get glowing skin but it is necessary to know how to exfoliate properly if not then we may damage our skin as well.

 Why it is important to exfoliate

 We already know that exfoliation gives our skin a fresh glow so exfoliation makes our skin look better and better health to our skin as well. Apart from this, our skin daily get substituted by new skin to remove the old skin it is really necessary to remove dead skin cell that process is known as exfoliating.  in the short term, it can be said to give space to new skin throwing out the old one. If we want to keep our skin healthy then it’s better to make sure we exfoliate it .

Exofoliation gives your skin a radiant glow and it is not that much of rocket science to do it .Little bit of hard work is required everywhere whether to skin or the body. Without efforts the results will not be visible and we are sure you are ready to take this much of hard work to exfolliate your skin and get the glow you are looking for .

Benefits of exfoliation

 According to the experts, exfoliating helps to stimulate collagen synthesis to improve the skin texture integrity and keep the skin plump diet and you say the board-certified dermatologist   Michel Henry. not only this you will get a good appearance of your skin, brightens your complexion, but it also prevents pore-clogging, pores are open we might get blackheads, whitehead, and acne as well so no doubt there is a lot of benefits for exfoliation. Michelle also adds exfoliation is good for the skin but you need to be careful otherwise you may be damaged in the process of exfoliation.

Safety tips 

Keeping the benefits in mind you may get excited to start exfoliation

 with any old tools for the product you have in your hand. but you need to be aware before doing so “ If the product is incorrect for your skin type and it is used forcefully then it might   cause micro tears on the surface of your skin which will cause a burning sensation clogged  pores, Broken capillaries, which is scary to imagine. But that doesn’t mean it is scary to exfoliate, it will give good results if it is done properly.

It is a good thing to do but we have to be mindful. Because being harsh with your skin can be trouble for you.Be gentle and light with your skin and ensure the safety steps has been followed by you .

How often should you Exfoliate

How should we exfoliate is one of the most asked questions and the common one as well if you are a beginner it is best to use the gentle product for exfoliation Once a twice a week. Daily exfoliation may be good but you should be mindful about the product if your skin suits that product or not you can exfoliate on Alternative days as well but if you have doubt about your skin type and want some suggestions it is always good to seek Suggestions from your dermatologist. one more suggestion never exfoliate too much. Exfoliation is good for the skin but without harming our skin.

Natural ingredients for exfoliation

1. Getting the right tool for exfoliation is necessary and what can be better if you find a natural exfoliator than in your kitchen? You can exfoliate by using coconut oil mixed with coffee grounds. mix to the consistency you like and apply to the skin circular motion.

2. There are other natural ingredients or natural exfoliators like oatmeal, baking powder, rough towel,  and sponges you can use them exfoliate your skin it is budget-friendly as well and you don’t have to worry about your skin Because these products don’t harm your skin. 

3. Bath brushes are great and designed to give your skin a good scrubbing Before a bath or sure. If you buy one without a wood handle make sure you keep it outside of the window when not in use. because wooden brush might get fungus which you want to avoid at any cost.

Step-by-step guide for Exfoliating Skin 

1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and warm water.

2. After gently washing your cleanser and the skin is damp, take a pea-sized amount of exfoliant, placing a small dot on your forehead, both cheeks and chin.

3. Now in a circular motion spread the ex exfoliant all over the face then Robert softly for 30 seconds after that rinse it off with warm water.

4. Then apply any specific cream and serum of your skin type.

 In conclusion

 We came to know why it is necessary to exfoliate our skin, the benefits of exfoliation, and how dead skin makes a layer on our face we are not able to get glowing and Radiant skin because of dirt and pollution. we have to be mindful while exfoliating otherwise we may damage or harm our skin as well or it is better to consult a doctor before doing any kind of activity on our skin.  Hope this blog was useful for you guys Happy reading. stay up to date with the blog for more useful content.

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