3 Ways to use Argan oil for the oily skin 

Suppose you are thinking of adding a  argan oil in skincare routine. Then it is a good option , and oils have anti- microbialties which fight against acne pimple and other skin care issues. it provides and makes the screenshot smooth. you can’t apply regular oil in your face there are different types of oils for the face. the question arises of which oil should be used for skin.  Well, the  the answer is argan oil.It has numerous benefits it is not only used on the skin but it can be used for hair as well and is perfect for your oily skin. 

If you wish to have a solution in one product for your ,hair and skin care your magic product the magic product for you.  argan oil makes sure that your skin looks soft and healthy from inside and out. Also making sure that your skin looks smooth and healthy. You are providing moisturization works against aging. it has many benefits you must not be aware of so in this blog will be discussing the benefits of argan oil and other aspects. Have a look at it. 

How often you should use argan oil for oily skin .

Argan oil makes a great addition  to your daily skin care routine. it has moisturizing benefits for morning and time. it is suitable for all skin type and one of the oils which is used in all of the products. you should use argan oil 2 3 times for week . for those who have mild oily skin and acne-prone skin. if you use and  Argan oil  then it controls excess  sebum production.Which will reduce skin breakout problems as well.But you should keep in mind to use it two to three times per week. 

Ways to Use Argan oil 

1. Argan Oil as Toner

 Washing your face is the first and most important step. after washing it take a few drops of argan oil on a cotton pad an apply it all over your face. make sure you don’t apply in your eye area. it helps to close your pores  and give the  nourishment. which is required after cleaning your face.

2.As a serum

Not only as a toner you can apply it as a serum to but not individually. you need to mix argan oil with your different skin products in your daily routine. Because applying directly can harm your skin so you have to be conscious. just add drop of it to your skincare product as usual skin care routine and you will be getting benefit of it.

3.As a moisturizer 

Are you aware that application of Argan oil  on the face can actually save your money from spending a lot of money on daytime and night time skin care routines.  yes all you need is good quality of Argan oil. In market we will be getting different Argan oil and we don’t know the quality. Two drops  of oil in the morning and two drops in the night is all you need to soften your skin  and be healthy .

Benefits of using Argan oil on Oily Skin


Argan  oil is known for Healing benefits and soothe skin affected by condition such as rosacea and psoriasis .. also anti-inflammatory and antifungal in nature .  it helps to treating Bacterial infection open regular application. not only this it helps you against UV rays. in many places, it is suggested that women has been using it on their face on a long time as a sunscreen. It also prevents from hyper pigmentation and burns. so it helps in a healing properties for the skin.

2. Soften dry patches

If you have trouble some skin or combination skin which has dry patches then argan oil is your saviour it protects your skin. Just take a few drop of it and apply on your face which will repair the skin with in minimum time. oil on face is extremely beneficial this on has many multiple and can be used in various ways there is not only one way to use it. It is one of the products which can save your  lots of money. And when the dry patches get soft  it is easy to remove.

What to look for before purchasing argan oil 

All type of argan oil on the face is good this has no criteria. But it is important to consider looking before  purchasing them let’s have a look on it.

1. Do not purchase the  argan oil which consists of preservatives artificial fragnance and other chemicals. All Argan is expensive for a reason. there is limited ability and the extraction process is difficult and long. Do not buy the cheaper variants which may end up farming your skin. It last longer but is cheaper may harm your skin.

2. it is better if you go with organic oil  instead of artificial one which contains  fragnance and chemical.

3.If possible pick up , cold pressed argan oil which can be used for both your hair and skin it might be expensive as the beginning but has lot of benefits.


 This blog recovered topics like how to use argan oil benefits of why it is used and for how long you should apply them etc. lt has been used a very long a period of time because it can be used in skin and hair as well. it is not that pocket friendly but it helps you to get dual benefits once you own you will realise it’s benefit after using it. This blog was useful for you guys.

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