5 ways to take care of skin care in winter

November and December at the month of winter and it is essential to update your skincare routine as well to combat the harsh weather and to keep your skin healthy and Radiant. During the winter the air is dry which will strip off all the natural moisture from your skin leading to dryness irritation, and flackiness in the skin. In this blog, we will guide you to maintain a Skincare routine and maintain a glowing complexion throughout the cold month. Most of the people do suffer from the dryness of skin during the winter and do not follow the proper skincare routine for it 

1. Hydration is the key 

The winter year tends to be dry Which leaves your skin dehydrated so it is necessary to make sure you are hydrated from the inside and from the outside well you don’t have to do too much struggle you need to drink plenty of water to keep your skin moisturized and smooth. It is believed that drinking a glass of water will remove all the toxins from your body which is essential for blowing and moisturizing skin. additionally, you can use hydrating freedom with the essence of ingredients like acid to lock in the moisture. Hydration is the key to smothering skin.

2. Exfoliation during Winter

It is necessary to exfoliate your skin during the winter as well. so it is recommended to do it once or twice a week so that they will be able to generate the new skin and you will be able to get the normal skin. As our facial skin needs exfoliation same as our need also so it generates new skin and replaces the old skin but over-exfoliation can cause or damage the area as well. Be gentle while exfoliating the area. but remember you don’t over-exfoliate or exfoliate them daily though it is not suggested to follow daily exfoliation in any skin care routine. There are different kinds of natural exfoliators available in the market or if you wish you can make it at home as well. Because the beads in the exfoliator are kind of Harsh on the skin 

3. Moisturize

 one of the most essential you need to take care of during the winter is to moisturize your skin frequently. because as we have already talked that during the winter the air quality during the winter is dry so it will take away the moisture that is present in the skin and other essential factors which are required for your skin. so it is necessary to moisturize the skin to prevent dryness and flakiness of skin during the winter. You can look for ingredients like Shea butter, Ceramide, and other ingredients which is necessary to lock the moisture in your skin. After hydration another factor that affects the skin is moisture, especially during the winter so moisturize your skin in 2 to 3 hours for good-looking skin and texture.

4. Lip care balm

Lips are also prone to get dry and cheap during the winter. we have seen most people using different kinds of lip balm to moisturize their lips because the lip is also one of the parts of our skin and it becomes equally important to take care of every part specialty during the winter season. You can use different kinds of ingredients in lip balm like bee wax or shea butter to keep your lips soft and hydrated. Consider applying a thick layer before going to bed to repair it overnight. Lipbalm  are essential factor during the winter 

5. Hand and body care

Apart from your facial skin and lips, there is also one more thing you need to take care of during the winter and it is called body care during the winter not only your facial part but your whole body gets try so it is necessary to take care of hands and other body parts so it won’t go dry. or you can do is use a body lotion to prevent dryness and cracking of your hands of your hand and feet. Also, make sure to wear gloves and socks to prevent dryness from the cold wind. It is very well known that it becomes tough to take care of all body parts during the winter but if you maintain a proper routine it is not as hard as it seems to be.

In conclusion 

It is necessary to take care of your body parts especially during the winter season to make sure that it doesn’t get dry rough and patchy we have seen most people do a skincare routine and wonder how it is possible to take care of skin, especially during the winter season it is not that as much as summer season it is all the basic skincare routine you need to follow. Hope this blog will help you to create a proper skincare routine during the winter as well.

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