How to wash your face in 7 Step

how to wash your face properly in 7 step

 It might be a simple step but washing your face takes time and attention. you have to be very careful while doing it. if you don’t do it properly you might get beaming and acne break out no matter what you are skin type texture or current condition is. washing your face properly is mandatory it removes your makeup. most of us wash our face without knowing the proper procedure.

So here are ways to wash your face properly

1. Properly remove all your makeup first 

Removing makeup can be one of the most tiring experiences after you come back from a hectic day schedule. all you want to do is lie down in your bed. But remember to remove your makeup because it will clock the pore and the toxin will get into your skin. You can remove makeup using miscellaneous water, Makeup remover coconut oil, etc. makeup is not good for our skin at all.

2. Don’t use a Harsh Bar To clean your face 

Most of the time in the name of face wash we use a soap bar in the Name of face wash, soap bar usually harms our skin and affect the pH balance of our skin as well. it allows more bacteria and yeast growth. This is the reason why facial cleansers and face were specially made for delicate skin. people usually look for foaming face wash because they think if it is not foaming it will not clean the skin. But it is not the case that foaming can Take away the natural oil of your skin. Make sure you don’t use harsh soap bars on the skin while face wash. Be gentle with your skin 

3. Be gentle while exfoliating

In general term, exfoliating means scrubbing your face body, or sensitive skin but while exfoliating most of the time we exfoliate, and as a result we get irritation redness and skin bumps The best way to exfoliate is to look at the ingredients in your cleanser like salic acid glycolic acid and lactic acid or fruit enzyme. and Scrub gently with your fingers around your face for 62-90 minutes. After that, you can clean your face.   exfoliated gives you clean pores by removing dead skin cells Healthy glow to your skin after face wash.

4. Do not overdo it.

Our skin has a natural barrier that protects our skin to keep the moisture. while scrubbing or cleansing with the beads present in cleanser or skin may feel Dry. Over-exfoliating can cause hypersensitivity. which is not a good thing for our skin we need to exfoliate but stay within the limit we should not hyperdo it the ingredients present in exfoliators or cleansers are extra powerful for our skin so we must be careful. You can avoid cleansers like bars and soap, harsh foaming cleansers, and daily exfoliating cleansers.

4. Don’t wash your face too often

 Many people have the habit of their face 2 to 3 times daily. taking care of your skin is a good thing but using washing your face regularly is not something good for your skin. It makes your skin dry and it damage as well. research suggests that cleaning your face after the sun goes down is not a good idea. you can wash 2  times but you must be careful that you should not damage your skin. most of the time waters are also divided into hard water and soft water. So don’t wear your face to offer it is not a good thing to do. Be gentle with your face wash schedule.

5. Remember to moisturize 

After washing our face we usually forget to apply the moisturizer and think only cleaning the face is enough for our face but that’s not that is not true. apart from cleaning or washing the face you need to moisturize the face so it doesn’t look dry cracked or sensitive after washing it. People may feel tightness in the skin after washing their face the reason your face is getting dry. so don’t forget to apply the moisturizer because it protects your skin from getting over-dry. Choose the moisturizer according to your skin type.

6. Remember your neck and  jaw 

We remember to clean our faces to keep them hydrated and glowing as well but we forget one of the most important parts is the neck and jaw area. these are the places where most of the dirt gets collected. When we clean our face remember to give them a quick wash as well so that our face and neck look similar after face wash. Massaging your neck can give muscle break from a stressful day. You don’t need any separate cleanser for the neck and face both are similar. From next time remember you need a jaw.

7. Finish with toner

 We remember to do a face wash to moisturize our face but we forget the ending part which is equally important as much as the first part is. after washing your face use a toner at the end. toner has a long-lasting effect it gives you glow and hydration for longer periods. But make sure you use the toner natural one. the more toner is natural the good result it will provide for the skin. Toner can be made at home as well with the simple ingredients. It’s not that tough to make it at home. 

In conclusion

 This blog covers the topic of how to wash your face with a few simple steps which we do regularly but most of the time we tend to forget and we become  Harsh on our skin which should not be done. because skin comes under can be said very sensitive part of our skin. we can’t even think of damaging it because of our carelessness. you have to be very particular even if it is a simple and minimal step of taking care of skin or while washing the face. Hope this blog will help you out.

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