Top 5 skincare serums for acne-prone skin 

Top 5 skincare serums for acne prone skin
Top 5 skincare serums

Skincare serums are one of the most used product because it hydrates the is in a lightweight formulation and it may be in various forums like gel, liquid, and other forms. Not only this but it moistens your skin along with giving new life to your facial skin, to which we don’t pay much attention our skin health degrades and we lose the natural charm of our skin.

But you should be careful because all the skin serums are not good for the acne-prone skin and if it is not then you have to pay the heavy cost of it. Be cautious while purchasing the product especially when it comes to your skin because according to our facial skin is more sensitive than our other skin parts and you have to be gentle as well.

Now let’s go through the top 5 skincare serums for acne-prone skin.

1Salicylic Serum Skincare

The salicylic serum is known as highly exfoliating and helps to control excess sebum in the pore. When we apply it to the skin it helps to shed the dead skin cells from the top layer and also reduce the redness and swelling of the skin not only this but it also helps to get rid of pimples speed up the healing process reason why salicylic acid is known as one of the best skincare serum any kind of skin and well recommend product by people for acne-prone skin.

2. Plum green tea skin clarifying concentrate 

It is one of the most useful products for your askin even if you have acne-prone skin it hydrates your skin. We all are aware of how much green tea is useful so the same applies to your acne-prone skin as well. This product contains green tree extract in the serum which contains natural anti-oxidant properties which help acne marks to fade away from the root and prevent further break out .it doesn’t only contain green tea but also licorice extract, cinnamon bark, etc. Lico rice extract helps you to get rid of pigmentation marks, dark spots, and scars.

3. Mama earth tea tree face serum

This skincare face serum for contains antiseptic properties which usually target the bacteria that cause acne to your skin not only this but the lico rice extract present in this serum makes your pigmentation mark, and dark spots an s car leave gives you a clean and clear face .this skin care is gentle in your skin .this serum is also light in the skin and doesn’t make doesn’t that y  have applied something on your skin So make sure you give a to mama earth tea tree face serum.

4. Dot and key zit-zapping skin clarifying face serum

 Dot and key skin care serum gently removes dead skin cells from the surface of your acne-prone skin and unclog the pores. It has the potential to remove the excess sebum from the skin and gives your non-oily and clear non-oily skin. the neem extract in this serum has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory elements that soothe the swelling irritation, and redness of your skin that is caused by acne. Do try this product.

5. Niacinamide Booster Face Serum

This serum is super lightweight and non -greasy our skin absorbs it without any difficulty which is perfect  for of aging skin and acne- prone skin. It contains AHA and plant extract which helps you to get an even skin tone This skin care serum helps to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes which leave your skin glowing and fresh .it also contains aloe vera extracts in the formula which helps to soothe the redness and increase the level of hydration

How to use  serum for acne – prone skin

Step 1: Cleanse

This is a very basic skin care step that we follow in our daily lives. So same applies to the serum process as well. Cleanse your skin with your face wash and leave it to dry because face wash cleans up your skin from dirt and impurities.

Step 2: Apply face mist

Only washing your face with face wash is not enough because face wash doesn’t contain all the properties to clean and clear up your skin but only a basic routine so your skin doesn’t look dull. That’s the reason you need to apply face mist so it does the remaining job on your skin.

Step 3:Apply serum

Take a pea size amount of the serum and apply it all over the face and neck do not massage but simply pat on your skin and let your skin observe the serum which you have chosen for your skin. Be gentle while applying the serum.

Step 4:Mositure

The last step to seal your serum on your skin is by applying moisturizer but remember it should be oil-free. The main reason is that acne is caused by oiliness in your skin. So choosing skin oil-free moisture is important for your skincare.

Advantages of applying serum to acne

 1. Usually serums are lighter than moisturizer and have thinner density and your skin end up absorbing it quite fastly than moisturizer also show up faster result. You dont feel like you have applied the serum It is light in the skin and suitable for oily and acne skin.

2. They have active ingredients like hyaluronic, salicylic acid, and botanical extracts which end up giving a fast result.

3. Serum also contains anti-oxidants that have skin-repairing properties and recover all the damage you have in your skin.

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