How to use face toner in 5 ways 

One of the most used products is face toner it is one of the most important steps in a good skin care routine. It helps to clean moisturize balance your skin’s pH level and adds protection against impurities. You should use face toner as your daily skincare routine. toner is usually used for removing makeup from your skin and it can be used to settle the makeup also clear out impurities on your face and neck. While choosing toner make sure you choose a gentle one that contains natural ingredients that won’t dry your face out.

 What is Face skin toner?

  A toner is a liquid substance that looks like water but it has a lot to offer.  It is back to its amazing nutrients such as glycerine, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents which help to repair rejuvenate, And revive your skin by giving it a fresh look. it is light in the formula of a toner with sinks deep into your skin. it gives you hydration leaving it plumpy and glowing. Skin toner can be found in everyone’s home as it doesn’t your skin and it can be prepared at home with simple ingredients and it doesn’t harm your pocket as well.

Steps to use Face toner

Step 1: start cleaning your face with an oil-based cleanser or you can use foam-based cleaner as well. whichever face wash suits your skin.

Step 2: soak a cotton pad in toner and gently swipe it all over your face and neck if you want to reduce waste and not use a cotton pad simply take a few drops on the palm of your hand and dab it on your skin.

What is the best time to use toner? 

You have to be very careful right after cleaning your face and before you apply serum you need to choose the right toner. If you are planning to double Clean or Exfoliate your skin then a  toner is the right choice. But before you apply any of your skin repairing or hydrating products. You can still choose toner in your face. This is because cleansing helps to get rid of impurities on the skin. Toner acts like a catalyst to your skin. but this isn’t to the benefit of toner. It can be used  twice a day

5 ways to use face toner

1. To get rid of a bit of makeup

Most of the time even after cleaning a double cleaning of the base of makeup. dust and dirt along with other impurities may left behind the skin.  we might think that we have already completed  our cleaning process but does not always the case minor impurities may be in our skin to get rid of these thing we use toner that leave your skin thoroughly cleansed  on ready to use for the rest of skin care product

2. It has to  balance your skin’s pH level

 the main benefit of using face toner is it helps to maintain the balance of the PH level of the skin. post cleansing your skin feels dry itchy and stretchy.  after cleaning your face your skin loses moisture and becomes less hydrated that’s the reason why you feel itchy and dry. The minimum level of the pH scale is 5.5. but after using a toner on your skin it helps to balance the pH level and reduce dryness or even oiliness. which means a clear and glowing complexion of course. 

3. Forms a protective layer

Toner benefits your skin no doubt but it also as a layer of protection for your skin. After cleaning the face the huge chance of cell gaps in your skin increases but with the help of toner, it helps to tighten that can. this prevents environmental aggressors such as  Dust, dirt pollution An other impurities from entering your skin. similarly using a good quality toner also prevents damage from chlorine and other minerals present in water from making their way into your skin.

4. Helps to tighten  your pores

Another more useful benefit of using a face toner is that it helps to tighten your pores. pores are determined genetically it is not possible to eliminate them but many times excessive cleaning or peel-off usage masks can be harmful to use skin because it will make your pores weak. But a toner else them to keep clean and helps to tighten them as wellIn a certain extent this refines skin texture making your pores look smaller and tighter with regular use of it.

5. Restricts excess sebum production

 face toner is an excellent product For people with oily skin or acne-prone skin. when you swipe your face with the Cotton pad soaked in toner it helps to remove the excess oil that often clogs the pores. Which leads to acne skin. if you are someone with oily skin and don’t know which toner to use Then you should go it glycolic or salicylic acid. This gently exfoliated, helps to restrict excess sebum production, increases the shine, and gives your face a beautiful matte texture.

In conclusion

 Toner is an excellent product for our face it is helpful in many ways which cannot be mentioned over here. If you are a skincare gig person then you must be away there are a lot of skin toner available in the market but you should choose the natural ingredients one which doesn’t have your skin. Surprisingly can be made at home as well. We hope this blog was helpful for you guys and you guys got an idea of how toner should be used.

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