5 Methods to Restore Skin PH Balance Naturally

5 methods to restore skin ph balance

If you are a skincare enthusiast person then you are aware of the pH balance of the skin talk about pH balance in this blog. a balanced pH level of the skin gives you protection from harmful bacteria and environmental pollution which prevents issues like acne dryness and irritation. There are Congress skin products available on the market though you can try natural remedies to restore PS balance effectively. you don’t need much time for natural remedies as they are easily available at home well it’s time to explore powerful methods to achieve  balanced natural skin

Factors that affect the

Different parts of your body have different pH levels by design. Areas of the body that remain covered, such as your armpits, retain their acidity. Parts of your body that are more often exposed, such as your face or hands, tend to veer away from acidic levels into alkaline territory.

Different parts of our body have different P h levels by the design. so does the skin have. Mostly the body area is covered like the armpit, leg, and other body parts, and the body parts that are more covered are likely to lose their pH level. but the more exposed body parts such as the face and hand are away from acidic levels in the alkaline group. so let’s figure out factors that affect the pH level

Some of the factors are

1  air pollution

2 Anti-bacterial soaps and gel 

3 Season change and fluctuation in humidity

4  beauty products

 5 laundry detergent 

6 Diet

7  overexposure to sunlight and UV rays 

 These are some of the factors which affect the pH level of the skin. So make sure that you follow the proper skin care routine to maintain the pH label of the skin.

Ways to Naturally restore the pH level of the skin

1. Gentle cleaning balance

The very first step to restore your skin pH balance is start to your cleansing routine. all you need to do is use a mild soap-free cleanser with a PH level of around 5.5. Harsh show can take away the natural oil of the skin which will interrupt pH balance. instead, you can choose a gentle cleanser that cleans your skin without overdrying the skin preserving skin’s natural acidic mantle. If you want then you can discuss with your dermatologist for better results.

2. Apple cider vinegar

Most of us are aware of apple cider vinegar which is a versatile ingredient that works wonderfully to maintain the balance of skin pH level. all you need to do is mix one part of Apple cider vinegar with three parts of water to create a natural toner. this is one of the solutions that will help to maintain skin PS level and it is easily available at home you don’t have to worry too much. apply with a cotton ball after cleaning and let it dry. you can use this tone regularly to notice the change on the screen and improvement in your skin texture and tone.

3. Aloe vera

One of the most amazing natural home remedies that is useful for every kind of skin problem is aloe vera and it is timely tested it is useful not only for skin but also for hair health and skin. the gill inside aloe vera has natural pH balancing properties It is up to you whether You want to use fresh Aloe Vera Gel from the garden or aloe vera-based skin care products in the market which can soothe your skin restore the PS balance and promote healing. it also offers hydration making it an excellent source for all skin types. So you should get aloe vera as fast as you can. 

4. Honey

If you are lucky enough then you will find organic honey very easily because it is one of the boon to the skincare regime it has natural anti-microbial properties which restore the pH level of the skin. Apply a thin layer of honey to your face leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. you don’t need to apply anything after applying raw honey to the face .. it is not only a simple remedy to store your pH level but also leaves skin soft and refreshed.

5. Mindful nutrition

Remember to have nutritious food that maintains the pH level of the skin. also, keep in mind skin is not only about what you apply on the skin it is also about what you eat in a day. A balanced diet rich in food contains fruit vegetables whole grains with support skin from inside and out. and the food you eat also contains vitamins like A C and E along with different antioxidants. this type of food plays an important role in maintaining your skin’s pH level. also, remember to drink water which keeps your skin hydrated

 In conclusion 

In the world feel well skin care products with lots of chemicals in them the power of natural remedies has always stood out because most of the time we lack the time and don’t pay much attention to it, especially in our skin pH level. Even most of the influencers use natural home remedies but they do hide the fact. But it is your skin you are the one who decides what is good for your skin and what is not good for your skin instead of following the influencer blindly.

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