6 ways to get clear skin as a Men

Clear skin is a choice for everyone whether it is women or men everyone wants a clear skin. But as much as girls are conscious of their skincare routine we find that men are not so much into skin care But even they wish for clear skin as a man. so the thing is girls’ skin is softer and Men’s skin is Harsh and the clearing process is also quiet but not as tough as it seems. this blog will discuss how man will get clear skin steps 

Ways to get clear skin for men

The first rule to achieve clear skin is to evaluate the current skin condition whether it is dry, normal, sensitive, and whether you have any problem with the skin or not. If you identify this method then it becomes easier to build a skincare method. You should eat food which should contain sufficient vitamins protein Minerals etc. and 8 hours of sleep is a compulsion for every human being You should take care of your skin internally and externally as well. applying different types of products is always there as an option but you should focus on how can your skin get better.

The sole reason for this is that a chemical-based product will show you the result only once if you follow them regularly but if you take your food on a good basis the results are permanent and you don’t have to worry about the result. So try to follow the natural process instead of the chemical one which is harsh as well. The more you pay attention to your diet the more you will get clear skin This tip is not only for men but also for women 

 Now let’s move on with the cleaning procedure for men.

1. Cleanse.

Cleansing is one of the effective ways to get healthy skin.  a lot of men do it in the wrong way. Men have active sebaceous glands in their skin. Which produces more amount sebum oil as compared to women. This means man are more likely to have dirt, and pollution stick on their face easily. For them it is important to clean their face twice a day morning and night case if you face itchiness, dryness, or prolonged acne then Cleansing is the best way but if your skin feels uncomfortable squeaky, or tight then you are using the wrong cleanser for the mild cleanser which suits your skin.

2. Exfoliate 

Exfoliating is one of the important processes to remove dead skin cells which will ensure that skin feels smooth fresh and healthy. you have to exfoliate your face once or twice away depending and how your skin reacts to the exfoliation. if you are skin gets done or red and irritated Then stop exfoliating for a week. there are many types of physical exfoliators and scrubbers available in the market but face scrubs are not suitable for sensitive skin they may lead to scars you can try chemical exfoliators and BHA which are considered to be safe for the skin.

3. Moisture

There is a common misconception among man which is they can clear the skin by laying off the moisturizer but unfortunately this is not true even if you needs the right quantity of hydration. moisturize the skin and leave it feeling soft throughout the day. Meanwhile, harsh cleansers and exfoliators Can strip off the natural oil that the face produces. to retain the moisture which is already on your skin you need to apply the moisturizer. also, a quick tip If you are someone with oily skin then Water based on oily moisturizer is best for you. But if you have sensitive skin then go with the best moisturizer. 

4. Use sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t only for girls or women even men can use them okay just kidding you need protection from the sun throughout the year not only in summer not only in winter because the sun rises daily and it has got uv rays which or harmful to the skin. so to protect them you need sunscreen. Make sure to choose a water resistance on screen that has 30 or more than that. to prevent Sun damage wrinkles dark spots even skin cancer avoid sunscreen on all of the exposed areas of the skin.

5. Avoid touching the skin 

If you have a habit of touching the skin then you should avoid it. because touching the skin can transfer dirt, oil, and bacteria from your hand onto the face which will cause clogged pores and acne break out also, one of the most important things is if you get pimples on your skin then stop popping it. popping a pimple exposes the pore which has bacteria that might come from your hand as a result it will leave a permanent scar on your face you can use the tissue to wipe your face and avoid touching the face.

6. Reduce smoking and alcohol consumption

Man, you need to ditch the habit of smoking and drinking alcohol if you want clear skin. smoking makes your skin your skin is premature. it is believed that if men stop smoking then it will result to slw slow facial aging and a delay in the appearance of wrinkles. and that is the reason nonsmoker skin gets more nutrients including oxygen. Even alcohol has a lot of effects on hormonal levels and dehydrates your skin. giving up alcohol will make your skin clear and more natural

In conclusion

 clear skin is a wish of everyone including boys and men. but they do follow the routine sometimes and sometimes they won’t. it depends up and the mood of the boys and the don follows the routine regularly. One of the reasons that don’t have clear skin is also smoking which is not good for the skin and the reason why they might not get clearer skin. Hope this blog will make it easy for you guys Happy reading.

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