Bleach your skin 5 Steps

Bleaching makes your skin glow and gives you wonderful wonderful results. Bleaching is used to avoid skin tan after going on any vacation or Road trip. Sun makes your skin look tan short-term tanned skin means discoloration of the skin. which makes your skin look on unusual from your skin. and whenever you go out people do ask you went for any road trip or vacation which makes you awkward because of the tan we got you covered. Excited to learn more come on let’s have a look at our blog and understand bleaching properly.

What is skin bleaching?

The most asked question is what is skin bleaching? it is used to light in the dark and pigmented areas of the skin including blemishes age sport and frick freckles. this is known as bleaching. it is done by using different kinds of soap cream and even a pill if you go to professional places then the treatment of Chemical peels and laser therapy are used to done to solve the bleaching process. Everyone has the same number of melanocytes. However, the creation of Melanin can vary from person to person. but when you bleach it minimises the production of Melanin in your skin giving your skin a lighter appearance.

Ingredients used

What exact ingredients are used in skin bleaching properties is hard to say. but it is for sure different chemicals are used in it. Different beaches have different properties so it is not correct to say exactly what Chemicals are used.

1. Hydrogen peroxide.

 hydrogen peroxide decreases the melanin creation in your skin it helps to lighten your facial hair and remove the skin tan. That’s the reason why After bleaching your facial hair becomes light in colour and you don’t need to wax regularly.

2. Sodium hypochlorite

Another chemical that is used for bleaching is called sodium hypochlorite the interaction between Sodium hypochlorite and human skin is a complex method which is not understandable if you are not a regular user of bleaching but it can be said that it has a similar effect as hydrogen peroxide has on your skin.  makes ur skin light.

Benefits of bleaching your skin

Bleaching has various benefits but it’s totally up to you whether you want to go for it or not. Most people don’t want to apply harsh chemicals to their skin. because everything has its advantages and disadvantages as well. bleaching does have a certain age Waxing doesn’t need that many criteria as much as it does.

1. It helps you to get rid of tan and uneven skin tone. The upper layer of your skin gets exfoliated when you rinse it off the bleaching cream which makes your visibility brighter and glowing skin. who doesn’t love that skin? isn’t it?

2. Dark spots are mostly caused by sun exposure the reason why sunscreen is so much important for our skin is because it prevents us from getting harmful UV rays and dark spots. not only the sun is responsible for dark spots be hormonal changes and ageing can be another factor as well. The treatment can give you a temporary solution to hide discoloration caused by acne and freckles.

3. Generally hate our facial hair and go through different procedure to remove it which irritate our skin and create Skin bump and rashes as well. Bleaching hides your facial hair painless process and you can do it without getting any bodies help.

It is not a permanent solution but you have to do it whenever you feel like your skin is getting wet you are getting dark spots or other skin-related things.

Steps to bleach your skin

Step 1. Prep your Face 

Wash your face with a cold or mild face wash to remove the impurities from your face because of the impurities your face while not get the result you are looking for before testing Try the cream in your hand. but make sure You pick up the cream that suites your skin type. Otherwise, you might get a skin reaction.

Step 2. Apply the cream

Take the cream and the Powder provided in the bleaching packet and mix them well. apply it gently all over the face and the areas you want making sure that you apply it in the direction of hair growth but keep in mind to apply the mixture evenly for a better result.

Step3.Leave the bleach on for sometime

Make sure you apply a very thin layer of paste above the eye and a heavy layer on your forehead neck and cheeks area. Because most of the facial hair is thick on the forehead, cheek, and neck area. Leave the cream for 8 to 10 minutes not more than that. exceeding this time can cause itchiness.

Step4:Rinse the bleach 

Use the clean cotton bowl and cold water to rinse off the bleach. Clean your face properly with water you can use the face wash to clean your face but avoid scrubbing your face because it might irritate the skin.

Step5.Soothe your skin 

Use of soft towel and pat your skin dry. If you want you can rub an ice cube all over your face if you feel any kind of uneasiness. apply a mild moisturizer to let your skin breathe.

Post-bleach skincare 

1. Sunlight increases the production of melanin on your skin which has a higher chance of making your skin darker. So it is better to avoid going out in the sun immediately after you have done it.

2. you need to use sunscreen protection before you stay out choose the best-suited sunscreen for your skin.

3. Frequently doing it is not advised as it can damage skin and it is not a good thing you can repeat the session only in the gap of 4 – 8 weeks recommended.

In conclusion

Bleaching the skin have advantage and disadvantages as well but it’s up to you what you want to do many face problem after doing it . Regular is not recommended by any dermatologist or skin personnel. You have to be extra attentive after bleaching the skin. Hope this blog was useful for you guys

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