9 ways to get soft hands and soft feet

Soft hands and soft feet are some of the most desired things after properly getting radiant and glowing skin. In the hustle and bustle lifestyle Hands and feet are one of the easily neglected body parts. We do pay attention to our neck our face and face especially not the hand or the face but it is also our body part. so we must take care of it and make sure they are soft and smooth. In this blog, we will explore how effectively we can make our hands and soft feet for longer periods. 

1. Hydration is the key

Hydration is the proper key for soft skin. Make sure that you drink an adequate amount of water throughout the day to keep your skin soft, especially your hands and feet. Not only this you need to eat the fruits that provide hydration to the body not only water but many other types of fruits consist of hydration so make sure you take them often to keep your body hydrated. This process will keep your body hydrated from the inside. If you want soft skin then you need to be hydrated.

2. Daily  moisture routine for soft

Moisturizer is one of the most essential parts if you want to achieve soft skin or hands and feet. because the environment and the seasonal change make your skin dry and lack hydration Your hand and feed become dry rough. make sure you choose to reach and nourish hand and foot cream. Applied after washing your hands and before bedtime. Also while you purchase the product look for ingredients like shea butter coconut oil or glycerin for maximum hydration. the more moisturized the skin is the more soft it becomes.

3. Exfoliation for renewed skin

Not only the facial skin but even your hands and feet need exfoliation so they can breathe easily. Exfoliation removes the dead skin of hands and feet. Regular exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells New skin to emerge from inside. use a gentle exfoliation scrub on your hands and feet do this once or twice a week. you don’t have to purchase high-budget scrubs for it you can also make a DIY Scrub at home the ingredients like sugar olive oil and a dash of lemon juice. These products are easily available at home. 

4. Warm  soak for relaxation

  • You need to relax your hands and feet to get tired muscles and soften the skin. because all the hard work is done by your hands and feet so they do need relaxation. All you need to do is add a few drops of Essential oil in warm water for an aroma therapy experience. it is better if you do so before bed which will also help to better sleep at night time and soften the hands and feet well it is essential to do it for better results.

5. Protect with gloves and socks

Before letting your hands and feet be exposed to expose in the harsh conditions of the weather such as hot and cold especially the cold one first clean them and protect them with gloves. not only this you can protect them by applying a layer of moisturizer To the feet before bed or before going out and you can love the moisture throughout the day or the night. in winter skin needs proper moisturization and proper protection as well that’s how you keep your hands and feet soft for a longer period.

6. Healthy diet and healthy skin.

One more point to remember is healthy diet is a key ingredient to healthy skin remember what you put into the body reflects your skin so it is essential to eat a healthy diet instead of junk food and other kinds of food which doesn’t reflect on the skin Make sure to intake food which consists of vitamin-mineral and other essential nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acid to promote overall healthy skin. The more healthy items you take the more it will reflect on your skin so take the food to promote your skin and health.

7. Stays Sun Smart 

Remember just like our skin needs sunscreen to protect from harmful UV rays so it doesn’t damage our skin texture. just like that the rest of the body also needs sunscreen protection from the Sun. you need to apply a sunscreen with minimum SPF of 30  to prevent sun damage. it is advised to apply sunscreen on your hand as well because it is easily exposed to the sun. Sun rays are harmful to every part of the skin so it is better to protect in time. Make sure you choose of brand. 

8. Regular manicure and pedicure

 Manicures and pedicures are also the most essential things to keep our hands and feet smooth. treat yourself with professional manicures and pedicures occasionally. By doing this you keep your nails in top condition but it also allows your hands hands and feet to receive expert care and attention.

9. Stay consistent

If you want your hands and feet to stay smooth for a longer period then you need to be consistent while taking care of it. The more consistent care it receives the more soft it stays. These are some of the tips to keep your hands and feet soft for longer periods.

In conclusion

In this blog, we share how you can take care of your hands and feet smoothly for longer periods not only the face skin but the hands and feet also require attention from you  for better results 

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