6 ways to dry out a pimple overnight home remedies

Dealing with unexpected pimples can be frustrating especially when it comes to a special event or when you have to attend a meeting it is well said first impression is the last impression and imagine you being in such a situation well there is no magical solution to make pimple when is within overnight . There are some of the home remedies which will help you to get rid of them and the process of drying. In this blog, we are going to talk about the remedies that will help you to get over pimples though they will not go permanently but will give you some relief in a quicker period 

1. Ice cube therapy

We have heard a lot about ice cube and the Magical properties it has which works wonderfully in the skin. only you need to do is wrap an ice cube In a thin cloth and gently press it against the pimple for 1 2 minutes. the cold temperature will help you to reduce the inflammation and swelling making the pimples noticeable. So most celebrities also use ice cube therapy for their beautiful and glowing skin but they don’t share that. 

2. Tea Tree  Oil  Spot Treatment

Tea tree oil has anti-microbial properties which will help you to reduce the bacteria on the skin which usually causes pimples. all you need to do is apply a small amount of cotton swab pour some tea tree oil in it and apply in the area with where the pimple has arrived. apart from this, you can add coconut oil and carrier oil one part of Tea tree oil, and three parts of carrier oil. It will help you to reduce people marks on the skin  Overnight  and will make pimples

3. Honey and cinnamon mask

Another one of the most amazing hacks to dry out pimples overnight is honey and cinnamon mass all you need to do is take one tablespoon of honey and half table spoonful of cinnamon powder mix them well and create a paste. apply the paste to the pimple and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Honey has antibacterial properties which will help you to reduce pimples and cinnamon will help you to reduce the inflammation which is caused by pimples on the skin. These ingredients are easily available in the home so you don’t have to go anywhere and worry about the pimple which will go overnight

 4 . Aspirin paste for overnight

Aspirin is generally used for headaches but it can turn into an amazing product to dry out the pimple overnight. All you need to do is crush the aspirin tablet and mix it with a few drops of water to form a paste of aspirin. after that, you can directly apply the past to the pimple and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Aspirin causes salicylic acid Which will help you to exfoliate and unclog the pores. Aspirin can be one of the amazing products to dry out your pimple overnight but it depends upon skin type as well 

5. Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties which act as an aid to the healing property. But you need to make sure that you apply a small amount of pure Aloe Vera Gel to the pimple keep in mind that the Aloe Vera Gel is not purchased from the market and it is homegrown but it will not guarantee you that aloe vera will dry out the pimple overnight. Because it is a home remedy sometimes home remedy may work and sometimes it may not work out it depends upon the situation of the pimple and other factors but you can try out Aloe Vera Gel in the pimple as well for overnight result

6. Turmeric and yogurt mask 

Turmeric and yogurt masks are one of the most common masks that can be used in different periods but in case you have a pimple and you want to try it overnight with this remedy all you need to do is take one and a half tablespoons of turmeric and one tablespoon of plain yogurt. apply the mixer to the pimple and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. because turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and yogurt contains lactic acid for gentle exfoliation. turmeric and yogurt mask are also helpful in treating other skin issue apart from pimple because of antibacterial properties

In conclusion

While these home remedies can help you speed up the drawing process they will not guarantee that pimples will go away overnight it is essential to Remember that every skin is different. Hence it is advised to do a patch test before trying any new ingredient on the face especially when you have sensitive skin. Apart from this, it is necessary to maintain cleansing moisturize applying sunscreen and other products to take care of the skin.

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