5 types of skin and skin care methods

 Many of us are aware with  the importance of care Different human beings are born with different types of and the way of their is also different. Not every product suits the same product .  Also, we know the importance and how it is necessary to look beautiful and radiant. A routine gives us different kinds of glow that everybody loves. In broad terms, the types are dry, oily, regular, and combination.

 Ways to know your type

 Bloating sheet method  

One of the ways to know your skin type is a bloating set method, so let’s figure out how to use the bloating sheet method.

  •  Gently pat pieces of blotting sheet on your different parts
  •   Remove the shit and show it in sunlight to know which part of your is oily or dry.
  •  If the sheet is observed with oil, then your type is oily
  •  ; if the sheet did not observe any oil, then type is dry 
  • If the seat only absorbs oil from different surfaces, then it can be considered combination .

 Bare face  method

 another way to know your skin type is known as a bare-face method, so let’s find out how to use  bare face  method 

  •    Clean your face with a mild face wash,
  •   Let it completely dry, and don’t apply any moisturizer face serum.
  • After 30 to 40 minutes, check your face, chin, forehead, and nose area for excessive oiliness or tackiness.
  •  If you find oiliness all over, then you have oily
  •  ; if you find your timid and tight, then your skin is dry.

 Now, let’s proceed toward the care method.

 Normal skin type  

 in simple language,, if your skin is normal then it means it is well-balanced and hydrated and is not hypersensitive you don’t have to worry about it while applying skin care products.

Normal method 

  •  make sure to choose hydrating sunscreen and moisturizer
  •  you can also choose gel-based, spray-based sunscreen for your normal skin.
  •  you must apply Vitamin C serum on your so that normal gets hydrated throughout the day and maintains the quality .
  •  You must also remove your makeup before sleeping because makeup can lock your pores.

2. Combination skin

 Talking about combination , there is no hard and fast rule on how combination can occur. However, most of the time, it might be because of change, food, and genetics.

 combination method

  •  Always make sure to use a light face cleaner or cleanser that does not make your dry and locks the moisture.
  • Use the toner, which helps to maintain the pH level, and the sebaceous gland produces excessive oil will be controlled.
  •  While choosing moisturizer: Keep in mind to choose a hydrating moisturizer for your combination . 

  sensitive skin

 Sensitive type means that your skin is highly reactive towards care products, environment, and sunlight. People with sensitive can easily sun burned, too. So be picky about care product which is less reactive to the .

 sensitive method

  •  make sure to choose gentle and skin-friendly care product
  •  always apply ultra-hydrating moisturizer that   soothes  your
  •  avoid being in sunlight for a longer time
  •  make sure to use a higher range of SPF on your , maybe 50 to 60 range.

 Oily skin

 This type of skin is known as a complicated skin type; to tackle and manage , it is associated with many problems like blackheads, whiteheads, acne, and blemishes when not cared for appropriately.

Oily method

  •  clean the face with an oil-free foaming face wash to remove excessive oil and dirt
  •  apply toner to keep the sebaceous gland under control
  •  use Vitamin C  serum, which can help to get rid of even tone
  •  apply gel-based sunscreen
  •  last but not least, follow night skincare routine for oily

 Dry skin

 Dry can be known as the deprived of moisturization and hydration. We cannot say how much dryness is known as dry because it varies from person to person due to different reasons, climate, and other things.

Dry skin care method

  •  make sure to use hydrating face wash that doesn’t make your rough
  •  apply face toner with Vitamin C serum
  •  try to use home-based remedies to get over dry .
  •  do follow a night care routine

 In conclusion

Taking care of our is essential in today’s time when it is required to look good and have clear is a compulsion. Everybody is born with different textures and origins, so it is highly required to have a proper routine or method

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