3 ways to exfoliate your armpit and benefit 

 We generally take care of our skincare body and other parts from lips to hair and buy different products for the skin. Not only this we do visit for different skin issues to the dermatologist. But have you ever wondered why we don’t pay much attention to our armpits? it is also a part of our body, isn’t it? But no worries in this blog we will discuss how to exfoliate the armpit. of the time we do waxing or use chemicals in our armpit, it is also one of the sensitive similar to our facial skin. 

So let us have a look at how we can exfoliate our armpits and the benefits of exfoliating them

Benefits of exfoliating armpit 

You might feel you are doing extra work to your personal care routine or you just don’t have time to do it but there are several benefits to expanding the armpit because similar to our skin even the armpit can have dead skin cells and you may not be comfortable wearing the sleeveless clothes and benefit of exfoliating.

1. Goodbye to skin bumps and ingrown hair 

It helps to prevent those pricky ingrown hairs and bumps with sometimes appear under the arms and irritate you. After exfoliating It gives you a smooth armpit which you deserve to have. also if you exfoliate daily it gives you the confidence to wear shirts and so you smooth underarm. isn’t it a great idea to exfoliate your armpit

2. Farewell to odour and sweat armpit

Most of the time we do feel hesitant especially during summer to Wave our hand to our colleagues or friends because of the sweat and smell that comes from our underarms.  and we are afraid to Hug them as well. exfoliating the dead cells helps to get rid of bacteria and smelly armpit.  Exfoliating your underarms Helps you to stay fresh even during the most challenging workout.

3. Increase Deodorant performance

Have you ever purchased a high-priced Deodorant because you like the fragrance of it but when you bring it home it doesn’t perform well? do you know why because the bacteria inside your armpit doesn’t let to perform as it should and we blame that Deodorant. If you exfoliate it daily your armpit absorbs the deodorant and gives long lasting effect. Do buy the deodorant you want to.

4. Healthy underarm 

Getting rid of dead skin cells will build up your underarm which can make that skin area healthier.  Exfoliating daily can give you a smooth and softer armpit. As we know if you want to keep your skin clean then you should exfoliate and follow the other process to get healthy skin same goes with underarms the more clean it is the healthier it is. You can get different products to exfoliate the armpit or even at home you can make the natural one to exfoliate them. It is not that hard to keep underarm healthy.

Ways to exfoliate your underarm

1. Dry brushing 

One of the ways to exfoliate the underarm is the dry brushing technique.  this method involves a natural Bristle brush to gently massage the area of the armpit to promote circulation of blood in that area taking out the dead skin. but you need to be careful bristles are soft and are not hard on the skin otherwise you may get rashes. To start the brushing hold the brush with your other hand and brush it downward sweeping motion.

But make sure you don’t Brush It Back in the upper ward direction. Once you are done with it take a bath and wash the dead skin cells out of your regime. If you wish you can use this method daily before showering. Regular brushing can help you to get smooth and flawless underarms.

2. Oil-based cleaning 

Another way of cleansing is known as oil-based cleansing which is more effective than any other product which is heavy on budget but you can do this method while staying at home as well. All you need to do is take your favorite oil and apply it on the underarms as well. The oil may be any like coconut oil, jojoba, or argan oil. Massage it on the armpit but make sure you are gentle with it Then rinse it with lukewarm water. You can follow this method once a week to keep your underarms healthy and fresh.

3. Body scrub 

Another one of the most used ways to clean your armpit is body scrub which is used by most people. It is easy to use and convenient as well. Body scrub can be prepared at home using minimal items. Apply the product in a gentle and circular motion for a few seconds make sure you don’t rub it too harshly on the skin otherwise it can cause micro-tears to let the product dry and wash it in warm water. Do this once or twice a week. For a better result 

In conclusion

  It is necessary to give the under clean as much as we take care of our skin.  We pay attention to the skin care product and other Hygiene. but it is now time to change our perspective that skincare can be any body part of our human body lips it might be underarms it might be anything. underarms are the place where bacteria is built most of the time and we don’t pay attention to it. this block will be helpful to you enjoy reading

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