How to make neck lighter and tips

How to make neck lighter and tips

Understand The Causes

It is required to understand what is making your neck darker. 


Protect your neck from sun exposure

Protecting your neck from the sun is one of the most essential way to keep your neck getting dark . So make sure you wear the scarf.


Exfoliate daily

Other way to stop getting your neck is to exfoliate it once or twice a week so that they will be able to generate the  new skin


Natural  Remedies

There are lot of natural home remedies to make your neck lighter but here we will talk about lemon juice and potato juice.

Lemon juice

Take some lemon  and water mix the mixture and apply  it in  your neck area. Lemon has  been one of the most beneficial home remedies

Potato juice

All you need to do is grate the potato and squeeze the juice and apply it using the cotton pad